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In order for you to experience the Amazon, we suggest two possibilities for accommodation: a super confortable jungle lodge with private cabins that can host up to 6 people (Calanoa); and a charming hostel with both private and shared rooms  (La Ceiba). In these confortable spaces you will feel the peace of the Amazon, while you reach for adventure and discovery in their natural surroundings.

Both accommodations aim to contribute positively to the community of Mocagua and other amazon communities, as well as to the environment, supporting locals and providing a great option for low impact tourism.


Innative lodging options are located near and in the village of Mocagua , 60km upriver from Leticia, Colombian Amazon capital. Despite being located in the heart of the Amazon, they are easy to access. Click here to learn about transportation. 

Calanoa is an initiative by Marlene and Diego Samper, which aims to contribute to the conservation of biological and cultural diversity in the Amazon region. It offers a space for the traveler who is in search of a vital experience, who is in a journey of discovery. Private cabins, with a capacity for 6 people each, are available.

This lodge is located in a natural reserve next to the village of Mocagua (60km from Leticia). It offers plans that are respectful with the local communities and the environment. 

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