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La Ceiba is a hostel located in the indigenous community of Mocagua, 60km up-river from Leticia and next to the Amacayacu National Park. The hostel was built in 2018 by its owners Maria Monayatofe and Manuel Sinarahua, members of the community. Every detail is made with love and care, since it is the materialisation of Maria's dream.

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In La Ceiba you will find different types of accommodation:

  • 2 Private cabins with private bathroom (1-3 people).

  • Private family cabin (max. 9 people)

  • Private double room*, capacity of 1 to 2 people (1 full bed).

  • Private deluxe room*, capacity of 3 people (1 full bed, 1 twin bed).

  • Quadruple room*, capacity of 4 people (2 twin bunk beds).

  • Shared room*, capacity of 6 people (3 twin bunk beds).

*The hostel has shared bathrooms with separated toilets and showers. For reservations email us or go directly to


* Check our reviews on Tripadvisor and! 

In La Ceiba you can design a plan according to your interests. You can choose from a wide range of activities:


  • Visit the community tourism project Musmuki in Vista Alegre, and explore different Amazon landscapes with local guides who now work to preserve the Owl Monkey (20 minutes from Mocagua).

  • Visit Puerto Nariño

  • Hike in the jungle with local guides  (night or day).

  • Go canoeing and dolphin watching.

  • Learn about ancestral knowledge by receiving a talk about medicinal plants.

  • Visit a monkey rescue center.

  • And much more! Check our pdf below


* Check our reviews on Tripadvisor and! 

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