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Puerto Alegría Asociation is the proof that there is always people seeking to find better solutions and willing to change. For over ten years, Puerto Alegría was financially dependent on wildlife selfie tourism promoted by Colombian tour operators who made all the profit, while community members survived on tourists’ voluntary tips. In December 2018 an official operation took place to confiscate the illegally exhibited animals   (read NatGeo's article about the operation here). Association "Puerto Alegría" is made up of locals who decided to change their perspective about nature tourism, in order to implement sustainable attractions in an effort to reactivate the local economy and promote conservation after the confiscation.


Support this community and be part of the change while experiencing one of the Amazon cultures! Puerto Alegría offers a traditional Peruvian dance and an eco-museum with traditional instruments that were used by indigenous ancestors, many of which are still used by riverine communities. In addition, you can see ornamental and medicinal Amazonian plants, observe the Victoria regia lotus flower, go artisanal fishing, jungle hiking and bird watching, specially the Shansho, or reptile bird (Opisthocomus hoazin).

To visit Puerto Alegría, please contact us directly

e-mail: innative.amazon@gmail.com

English: +57 313 2122283

Spanish: +57 3123717320   |   +57 3138552593

• Visit to the Eco-museum

Experience and learn about the culture of Puerto Alegría. Music, dancing, plants and tools will lead you to understanding native life both in present and past generations.

• Walk around the community and its surroundings

Share with local people about their knowledge and territory. take guided hikes and enjoy a new experience

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