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We know our actions and decisions can make a positive impact, from what we buy to where we travel and how we travel.

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We believe we can contribute to the well-being of the Amazon by supporting the active participation of local communities, so that both nature and people win.


Innative is a platform that communicates projects that seek sustainable livelihoods for Amazon communities. We currently support tourism projects that are characterized by their social component, as well as their responsable approach to nature.


The local communities involved in the projects have changed their way of life from extracting natural resources (timber and wildlife) to tourism practices that allow them to build a future for their children where nature is still a source of living but now provides a benefit out of conservation instead of extraction.

We know animals are a very important part of ecosystems, that’s why we support animal-friendly tourism. The Amazon is magic, and we know visitors want to have a glimpse of wild-life. We encourage travelers to visit places where they can see animals freely in their habitat or in rescue centers.  Please do not support wildlife illegal trade by taking pictures holding wildlife and visiting places where animals remain captive to entertain tourists.

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