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To visit Innative destinations, you can fly to Leticia in the Colombian Amazon from Bogotá. From Leticia, transportation to lodging and tourism sites can be taken in the port.

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Innative recommended lodging and tourism sites are located in the heart of the Amazon. You will live a lifetime experience while supporting communities and nature conservation. 

We currently offer lodging located in the village of Mocagua (Colombian side of the Amazon river), which is 60km form Leticia through the river. Tourism activities we recommend are located in the peruvian community of Vista Alegre and soon in Chinería.

Situated next to the Amacayacuu National Natural Park of Colombia, this village is located 60 km from Leticia, Colombia. Through the past years the community Mocagua has been known for their conservation efforts of the Woolly Monkey Lagothrix lagothricha.  

To come to Mocagua you can take a fast-boat in Leticia's port, for more information click here.

Vista Alegre is located 20 minutes from Mocagua, crossing the Amazon river. Here you will encounter the beauty of a great diversity of landscapes. Musmuki project was born to replace economic income from capture of Owl Monkeys to tourism. The project now offers tours that go from dolphin and bird watching, to jungle walks and tours around the community.

Chinería is located 4km from Leticia (Colombia) crossing the Amazon River towards the Peruvian side. This community is surrounded by the natural charm and beauty of the Amazon jungle.

Coya project seeks to preserve caymans and Owl Monkeys, here you can take tours towards cayman habitats to observe them, as well as bird watching, boating, walks in the jungle and visit a nearby lake.

You can visit this site if you are staying in Leticia, by taking a boat to Chinería from the port. If you want more information email us!

You can get to the Colombian Amazon by flying to Leticia, the capital of the Colombian Amazon. Once in Leticia, the river is the best way of transportation. Enjoy your visit by exploring different sites through the beauty of the largest river in the world.

To go to Mocagua  (where lodging is located)  you can take a speed-boat in Leticia's Port, tickets cost about $62.000-COP ($30USD) round trip, and it departures every two hours: (7:00am, 9:00am, 12:00n, 2:00pm). Please check the arrival time of your flight to Leticia and make sure you will be able to take the boat. If your flight arrives later than the last departure of the boat, we will be glad to help you find a good place to stay the night in Leticia so that you can come the next day to Mocagua.  


From Mocagua, you can visit project Musmuki in Vista Alegre by crossing the river in about 20 minutes.

If you are staying in Leticia, you can contact us to visit Puerto Alegría. Also, you will soon be able to visit project Coya  taking a boat to Chinería from the port.

If you want more information contact us!

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