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Musmuki is a community based tourism project located in Vista Alegre, Perú (60km from Leticia, Colombia through the Amazon river) .


Members of this community are making an effort to change their livelihood from natural resources extraction and hunting to a more sustainable way of life through tourism. Their desire is to preserve their territory for the generations to come.

You will live the amazing experience of discovering and contemplating different worlds in one unique place, while being guided by locals who support the conservation of the Owl Monkey, Aotus nacymaae (Musmuki).

A boat will take you to Vista Alegre by crossing the river from Mocagua to the Peruvian side of the Amazon. The trip will take about 20 minutes (it is likely you will see dolphins on your way!)

• Guided walks in the jungle

Explore the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Go boating to reach walking sites and see different animals (such as dolphins and birds) and living organisms on your way. 

• Visit Lakes (Cochas)

Depending on the season and level of the river you can go boating along with local guides, you'll discover lakes around vista Alegre where you will possibly spot different bird species!

• Lunch and walk around the community

Eat local food and share some time with members of the community, while you enjoy the view from the river side.

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