We believe our well-being depends on the well-being of nature. That's why we think our activities should not affect the places we visit. Here you will find amazing options to discover and enjoy the Amazon while you help preserving nature and supporting local communities.


We believe tourism is a great option to provide sustainable livelihoods to amazon communities. That's why we support community associations and projects that seek to encourage respect for the territories and provide economic benefits for their people.

We know species are part of a complex and fragile network in their ecosystems. That's why we believe wildlife should remain wild.

We encourage travelers to visit places where they can observe species in their habitat, instead of promoting wildlife traffic by going to places were animals remain captive to be photographed interacting with tourists. 

*Wildlife traffic is the third largest illegal market in the world.

Lodgint Amazon
Hostal in the Amazon

Run by Maria Monayatofe and Manuel Sinarahua (members of the community of Mocagua), La Ceiba is a perfect choice for travelers who seek for an authentic, nice and confortable space. Shared and private bedrooms with shared bathrooms are available for guests.


The Hostel is located in the village of Mocagua (60km from Leticia). From here visitors can take tours to Musmuki project in Perú, take a tour to Puerto Nariño and visit natural sites near Mocagua.

Community tourism in the Amazon

Musmuki is a community based tourism project located in Vista Alegre, Perú.  (60km from Leticia, Colombia through the Amazon river) .


This community is surrounded by diverse landscapes and ecosystems that beautifully represent the richness of the Amazon. People that live in Vista Alegre truly have a 'joyful view' of the of the Amazon.


You will live the amazing experience of discovering and contemplating different worlds in one unique place, while being guided by locals who support the conservation of the Owl Monkey, Aotus nacymaae (Musmuki) .

Community tourism in the Amazon

Coya is a community based tourism project located in Chinería, Perú. (4km from Leticia, Colombia through the Amazon river) .


Members of this community are adventurous and certainly know where to look to capture wildlife scenes in freedom. Their territory is hidden between the Amazon river and the jungle, its landscapes are dynamic due to waters that flood the forests in rainy seasons.

When visiting, be prepared to experience an authentic adventure discovering the jungle along with local guides who support conservation of caymans (Coya) in their territory.


We currently offer lodging located in the village of Mocagua, which is 60 km from Leticia (Colombian Amazon capital). You can take a boat from Leticia's Port and the trip would take about 90 minutes.


You can visit project Musmuki from La Ceiba hostel, by crossing the Amazon river, you can arrange the tour on your arrival. 

If you are staying in Leticia  you will soon be able to take a boat to visit project Coya in the community of Chinería, Perú.

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Innative Amazon Livelihoods

Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia

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